Today plastics are used in every conceivable product. However too much of this material often end up in landfills and can take hundreds of years to degrade, making it harmful to the environment. Alder Spring embraces the vision that none of our packaging should end up in landfill or as litter and is committed to addressing the growing global plastic packaging issue.

Helping to protect the environment

With this mind, Alder Spring ensure that all our 500ml bottles are made from PET, which is a high value plastic that has the potential to achieve a circular economy model notably by recycling bottles into new bottles. However we are well aware that a lot of this material is still not get recycled and often ends up in landfill. Therefore we are taking a number of actions to unlock this potential and minimize our environmental footprint. As of today, we believe that we can help make the biggest difference by helping to improve PET waste collection and recycling systems, and by continuing to reduce the amount of material required for our products. With this is mind, we ensure that all are 19l bottles are reusable, and offer recycling bins for all our customers.

Reducing are carbon footprint
To further protect our environment, we also source our raw materials as locally as possible to avoid lengthy transport journey’s and try to keep our own delivery rounds to an area by area basis. By keeping in contact with our customers we can try to ensure they do not run out. We can however deliver to you the next day as we can not always predict how much we will use especially when the sun shines.

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